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About Us

Our busines started in Via di Monserrato, next to Piazza Farnese, in the historic center of Rome on 1960.

We started selling lamps and lampshades, characterized by the beautiful environment; objects with a beautiful design and a point of unique ambiance, designing and handmaking them, according to traditional techniques, but with an eye to contemporary living, focusing on diversity and quality.

The uniqueness of our personal touch is reflected in our fabric selections, the choice of forms of lamps and lampshades, and our one-to-one relationship with our artisans. For example, all our Murano lamp bases are sourced and designed from a furnace that has been in production for centuries. We have a small group of artisans in Rome who realise our designs in wood and iron, and seamstresses for the lampshades.

In 2010, following the trend and fashion, we have opened a new department, dealing with 20th century bespoke Italian signed furniture, lightings and decorative objects, all of them choosen with care and convinction in the importance of quality over quantity.

In 2013 we established a Company in London “Il Paralume Ltd” following exactly what we did in Rome, upgrading, if it was possible, the quality of the items we choose to sell and our success and customers are improving day by day since then, all over the world.

The items we deal with have been designed by the best designers and architects in Italy and in Europe such as: Osvaldo Borsani, Paolo Buffa, Paolo Venini, Giò Ponti, Fontana Arte, Carlo Scarpa, Pietro Chiesa, Emil Steynar, Carlo Bugatti, Niels O Moller and more.
We collaborate with many interior designers, interior decorators and architects and are able to provide to our customers unique products particular to the environment.
We steep ourselves in craft, history and tradition, and believe in the importance of the hand made objects, and remain convinced in the importance of quality over quantity.